Art 1

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 Syllabus / Grading:

Visual Arts Grading Policy

 Sketchbook Homework:

Sketchbook Homework Assignments for the Year

Beginning of the Year:

Art 1 Projects All Year

Sketchbook Cover Project

CREATE Art 1 Project

Portfolio Steps


A.C.E.S. Rubric

Artist Statement:

Artist Statement

Elements and Principles Unit: 1st 6 Wks

What Makes a Composition Interesting Prezi

What Makes a Composition Interesting: Notes Part 1 – Line, Value, Shape, Balance

What Makes a Composition Interesting: Notes Part 2 – Space, Perspective, Positive & Negative Space, Proportion, Scale

What Makes a Composition Interesting: Notes Part 3 – Color

Create a Line Sampler

Assignment Page for Line, Value, Shape, Balance

Video Demo by Mrs. Bailey- Directional Value

Video Demo by Mrs. Bailey- Draw an Object 4 Ways

Assignment Page for Positive & Negative Space

Watercolor Tips, Techniques, and Rules

Positive Negative Space Project Examples

Shading Techniques- Five Value Scales

Visual Texture Worksheet

Art 1 Drawing Crash Course Project

Perspective Unit: 2nd 6 Wks

Space Definitions

Space Prezi by Ms. Bowen

One-Point Worksheets

One Point Perspective Hallway Drawings

Two-Point Worksheets

Two Point Perspective City Drawings

Perspective Project Checklist

Perspective Project Checklist Examples

Pen Texture on Perspective Drawing

Atmospheric Aerial Perspective

Portrait Unit: 3rd 6 Wks

Facial Proportions and Features Handouts

Fill-in-the-Features Face Worksheet

Portraits of Significance Drawing Assignment Page

Expressive or Emotional Self-Portrait Project

Portraiture Prezi by Ms. Bowen

Semester 1 Exam

Fall 2014 Midterm Review

Winter Break Project:

Collage Drawing Surrealism Winter Break

Painting Unit: 4th 6 Wks:

Color Wheel Wksht

Color Wheel Kaleidoscope Painting Handout

Video Demo by Mrs. Bailey- Setting Up a Kaleidoscope Color Wheel

Color Mixing Practice (8.5×14)

Color Mixing Practice Completed (8.5×14)

Object Painting with Complementery Colors

Still Life Instructions

Still Life Powerpoint

Layering a Still Life

Personal Objects Still Life Painting Examples

Scratch Art Unit: 4th 6 Wks:

Scratch Art Videos

Scratch Art Animals

Ceramics Unit: 5th 6 Wks:

All About Ceramics Presentation

Ceramics Informational Packet

Ceramics Vocabulary List

Constructing a Ceramics Piece Illustrated Steps

Hamsa Lesson Plan

Hamsa or Hand of Fatima

Pinterest Board for Clay Relief Project: Postcards

Papier-Mache & Sculpture Unit: 5th/6th 6 Wks:

Papier Mache Illustrated Steps

WARM UP – Project Introduction – Masks of the World

Cultural Masks –

Art 1 Student Examples – Masks of the World

Printmaking Unit: 6th 6 Wks:

Printmaking Videos

Printmaking Pinterest Board with Inspiration Examples

Printmaking Notes

Printmaking Prezi

Printmaking Steps

Expressionistic Relief Printmaking Project Assignment Sheet

Video Link: How to Carve Linoleum

Video Link: How to Pull a Print

PVC Etching Printmaking Assignment Sheet

Video Link: Plexiglass Printmaking

Spring Semester Final Exam:

Exam Review (Student Copy to be Completed for Bonus Points)

Exam Review Answers

*DUE DATES for projects fluctuate for each class. Students are always given advanced notice during classes when projects will be due. This varies depending on time needs with the advancement of projects. Points are not deducted for late work, however all work is due by the end of 6 week grading periods.


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